Update History


1. Revamped Header and footer of the website

2. Revamped Music Composition Menu

3. Added a new welcome menu


1. Updated typos in several texts


1. Replaced the image for Pagoda Defender AR

2. Revamped Resume


1. Paogda Defender AR Website is now up and running (News, Screenshots, and Privacy Policy are not fullfilled right now)

2. Added banners for Pagoda Defender AR Official Website


1. Updated the demo trailer for "Pagoda Defender AR"


1. Reorder the project page

2. Fixed several incorrect image description

3. Fixed the incorrect menu layouts in Microsoft Edge Browser


1. Updated 3 new screenshots to "Pagoda Defender AR"

2. Added my photo on ABOUT page


1. Updated the PDF version of the resume

2. Updated the website embedded version of the resume

3. Fixed the incorrect description of "MER-A" project screenshot

4. Added 6 screenshots to "Pagoda Defender AR"


1. Updated the PDF version of the resume


1. Added a new project "MER-A" under GAME DEVELOPMENT page, with screenshots

2. Updated 1 new screenshot for "CODENAME: 3XEH"

3. Updated RESUME content

4. Changed the release date of album JESTER to 2018


1. Updated website embedded version of the resume

2. Added a sub-title for all pages

3. Fixed the incorrect link text of Update History


1. Added PDF version resume

2. Added the download link of the PDF version resume

3. Added titles of different versions of resumes.

4. Changed "Version History" to "Update History"

5. Added several new content to both versions of the resume.

6. Updated several text on the GAME DEVELOPMENT page.


1. Updated the Layout of "RESUME" page

2. Updated the content of "RESUME" page

3. Corrected several project names

4. Fixed incorrect image distance under MUSIC COMPOSITION page


1. Fixed the wrong video link of "Futurology Gameplay"

2. Fixed the incorrect description of the "Acoustic Kaleidoscope VR" project picture

3. Change the title of "CODENAME: 3XEH"

4. Change the title of "Acoustic Kaleidoscope"

5. Added new "RESUME" page and content


1. Changed the layout of "MUSIC COMPOSITION" page

2. Added new album overview section under "MUSIC COMPOSITION" page

3. Added a new "LATEST RELEASE"

4. Added lastest release date section

5. Corrected serveral typos