About C++ Experience

I’ve learned C++ back in my university and used it on some of my school projects before. Here are 2 game projects in the engine Orge3D and SFML back in 2017, all progress in C++, I’ve included some screenshots of the projects here.


The last time I’ve used C++ is around May 2019 for an interview for a job that I was applying for. After started working, I’ve been C# and Unity as my main language and engine up until this point.


For reading C++ code, I’ve been doing it all the time, the Wwise Unity Integration Reference Documents are written in C++ so I need to understand them in order to integrate them into my previous works. And I just started learning Unreal 4 this month to review some of the C++ knowledge that may need in the future.

Highway Concert

A 2-player rhythm game with a simple audio engine written in C++ to figure out the rhythm points based on the input songs.

The rhythm points are placed based on Song's BPM and the intensity of the drum per 4 bars.

Players need to dodge the traffic cones (which represents a single rhythm) and pick up the special notes for props to attack opponents and defend themselves (like in Mario Kart).


A survival game developed in C++, with the focus of learning Ogre3D game engine.

About Wwise Experience

I’ve been using Wwise for about 2 years now, as the role of Audio Programmer with hands-on experience on 2 commercial projects and a canceled one.

Project 1: Reverse Collapse

An anime strategy game in Girl's Frontline universe, I've got the chance to design and develop the interactive audio system with the composers and sound designers for this game, it will be released in Q2 next year, on Steam and Nintendo Switch.


Project 2: Pagoda Defender AR

A self-developed and self-published mobile AR game released on AppStore, I am working on migrating the audio system to Wwise during November 2020.

Project 3: Unannounced Project (Cancelled)

An ambitious multi-player sci-fi game project based on a famous film IP, we've worked on it for a year and a half and it got canceled for financial reasons.