Pagoda Defender AR

Content Update V1 .2

New Building Unit

Asgard (Assist)

Asgard refers to the asgard of the dragon, which is a eastern mythological building that located at the bottom of the eastern sea, rumored to be the living place of the king of the dragon

Provide attack power overload (buff) of all buildings within its range

Cost: 13000

Tier 1: 7154

Tier 2: 14308

Tier 3: 42924

New Expandable Build UI

- A new expandable Build UI for building friendly units, units are categorized based on their functionalities

Bonsai Mode Content Preview

- Pagoda Defender AR 2.0 is coming out later with a new game mode called Bonsai. In this version of the app the mode selection menu will be available first with new preview elements avaiable in the game, you are only able to choose the Aeon mode (which is the name of the current mode) right now, once version 2.0 is released, the new bonsai mode will be available to choose

New Dynamic Scene

New Features


The glacier is a persistent body of dense ice that is constantly moving under its own weight; it forms where the accumulation of snow exceeds its ablation (melting and sublimation) over many years *

Gameplay Changes

Improvements and Bug Fixes

- Enabled Dynamic Resolution to improve overall performance
- Adjusted the Lower UI position to the bottom of the screen on iPad devices
- AR Camera is improved with higher rendering resolution
- Fixed a bug that the camera sometimes will render inaccessible scene positions and cause an error
- Fixed a bug that the ambient sound effect on Mantle map is not looped
- Fixed a bug that the ambient sound effect on Mantle map is not paused when switch back to AR rendering mode
- Fixed a bug that sometimes when rotating or moving the device for a long period of time in scenes that other than AR, the detected planes will lost
- Fixed a bug that on iPad devices, some parts of the letter boxes on the welcome menu are not occluding the scene behind them
- Fixed a bug that when Game Over UI is showing, other UI panels are not hided
- Fixed several typos on building descriptions and in-game tutorials

Rotatable Teleporters

- The 4 enemy teleporters now will rotate themselves around the pagoda to provide dynamic gameplay and randomness of players' defence. Players' defend strategy will also subject to change based on the rotatable teleporters

Persist AR Plane Detection Indicator

- The AR Plane Detection Indicator (The black frames that shows the detected planes during the first fortification phase) are now persist. Players are able to tell where they should place their units exactly

iPhone X Wide FOV Rendering

- The black border on iPhone X is now removed, iPhone X players now can play the game in full screen mode with wide FOV

* Referenced from Wikipedia