Pagoda Defender AR

Content Update V1 .3

New Chimera


Tactical View

- A brand new system that provides in-depth real time analyzation, can also provide placement score based on players base organization techniques


Horizon Blending

- The horizon between the ocean and sky are now merged into one gradient color to provide a cohesive experience for players

Advanced Graphics Settings

- The graphics of the game is now improved with adjustable graphics settings, players are able to choose from LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH grpahics presets to improve the quality of the game, and also players could choose from 30fps and 60fps rendering to save battery life and improve user experiences in low-end devices

- Added several new post-processing effects such as Color Grading and Anti-Aliasing



Loading Screen

- A new loading screen is added to show players the starting up progress of the application

New Dynamic Scene

New Features


The glacier is a persistent body of dense ice that is constantly moving under its own weight; it forms where the accumulation of snow exceeds its ablation (melting and sublimation) over many years *


Improvements and Bug Fixes

- Added a new splash screen logo
- Range Indicators are now shifted from green to yellow and red depends on the unit types
- Notification now has a black border with better readability
- Cancel button is moved leftwards and rescaled accordingly
- Improved the layout of Ocean dynamic scene
- Remastered the volume of sound effects to match the volume of background music
- Improved the precision of animation clips
- The game will run in different graphic settings according to different devices and iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus,     iPhone SE, and iPad (5th Generation, 2017) will run the game at 30fps by default, these settings can be           overwritten by selecting different shading quality in advanced optic settings
- Optimized game storage methods. The game will use less storage space compare to previous versions,           meanwhile more contents are added
- Performance optimization by shifting some workload from CPU to GPU
- Sound sources from other applications (such as music players or video players) will be muted when playing     the game
- Fixed a bug that in Cloud scene, the cloud texture will disappear if camera is at certain heights or angles
- Fixed a bug that the reflection on water surface has incorrect colors in Ocean and Glacier scenes
- Fixed a bug that on Mode Selection UI, half of the Bonsai mode button is not able to be selected
- Fixed a bug that when double tapping the Pagoda, the black circle indicator is not showing up
- Fixed a bug that when moving friendly units, range indicator and selection indicator will move randomly
- Fixed a bug that the collider of Asgard buildings sometimes will block other buildings, which causes in             inaccurate touch results

* Referenced from Wikipedia